All About the Blackjack Strategy Cards

Ever wondered what Blackjack strategy cards are and why players use it? Well, these cards are a collection of potentially winning moves suggested for a player. Not the dealer! So, if you are a Blackjack player, Blackjack strategy cards are for you.

Online Blackjack Strategy cards are easy to use. You can use these to decide what action to take by comparing your hand total with the dealer’s card. These cards can help you play hard hands, soft hands, and pairs. That means you can play every possible hand using Blackjack strategy cards.

Let’s first see how to play hard hands, the hands that don’t contain an Ace or where Ace is valued at one, using the Blackjack strategy cards. Generally, if your hand total is 8 or less, always hit, and if your hand total is 17 or more, always stand. According to the Blackjack strategy cards, if your hand total is 9 and the dealer’s card is 3-6, you should double down, otherwise hit. If your hand total is 10 and the dealer’s card is between 2 and 10, double your bet, otherwise hit. Blackjack strategy cards are not made on the fly. Rather, the outcome of millions of hands has been used to suggest moves. In case of 11, always double your bet, no matter what card the dealer is showing. When your hand total is 12 and the dealer’s card is 4, 5, or 6, stand. Otherwise, hit. Stand if the dealer has 2-6 and your hand total is 13-16, otherwise, hit. That’s all about playing hard hands using Blackjack strategy cards.

Then there are Blackjack strategy cards to play soft hands, the hands that contain an Ace valued at 11. If your hand contains and Ace and 2 or 3 and the dealer’s card is 5 or 6, double down your bet, otherwise hit. If you have Ace and 4 or 5, double down if the dealer has 4-6, otherwise hit. According to the Blackjack strategy cards, if your hand contains an Ace and 6 and the dealer is showing 3, 4, 5, or 6, double your bet, otherwise hit. You can double your bet if you have an Ace and 7 and the dealer is showing 3, 4, 5, or 6; if the dealer shows 2, 7, or 8, stand; and for any other card that dealer shows, hit. Prepare to stand if you have any other card combined with Ace, regardless of the dealer’s card as per Blackjack strategy cards.

I must say that with a little practice, you will be able to memorize the moves prescribed for different hands. It takes time and effort to catch up with Blackjack strategy cards and. Also, the suggested moves may not fetch you wins all the times. Still, you have better chances of winning when you use Blackjack strategy cards carefully.

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